Parish AGM: Election of Parish Officers

At the Parish Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 17th March 2012 the following officers were elected (in order of the number of votes):

Church Wardens:  Anne Page, Kevin Short

Parish Councillors: Geoffrey Seccombe, Yvonne Hinde, Peter Kirsop

Representatives to the Parish Incumbency Appointment Board: Barbara Horn, Richard Fellows, Yvonne Hinde

Alternate Representatives to the Parish Incumbency Appointment Board: Elaine Taylor, Margaret Dunn

Dawn Morris was re-appointed as the Parish Mission Secretary without other nominations.

Following the meeting Father David appointed Elaine Taylor as the Priest’s Warden and Peter Robinson and John Osborne as Parish Councillors, and the Parish Council appointed Kay Sharp as Parish Council Secretary, Yvonne Hinde as Parish Council Treasurer, and Joan Latter as Parish Safety Officer.