Synod to Re-convene to Elect Bishop of Newcastle

The Episcopal Election Synod was unable to elect a Bishop when it met in April 2013.  The Synod will meet again, with the possibility of considering candidates again and contemplating new candidates from 13th – 15th September.

Yvonne Bell, Kevin Short and Nancy Wright will participate in this Synod with Fr David.

A group of Parishioners met on Sunday 3rd February to formulate our response to questions raised about the election of the next Bishop of Newcastle. Our response has been submitted as follows:

Things that are going well which need to be SUSTAINED in the future:

  • The development of local mission and ministry initiatives through Becoming Ministering Communities in Mission;
  • Partnerships for social welfare ministries with the Samaritans Foundations;
  • Training and theological education through the University of Newcastle and the Newcastle School of Theology for Ministry;
  • Our Anglican Schools;
  • The openness to the public, media and parishioners about current issues in the life of the Church.

CHALLENGES facing the Diocese of Newcastle:

  • Introducing young people to Christianity;
  • Outreach to our local communities;
  • Ageing congregations and clergy;
  • Christian education in schools;
  • Levels of financial giving of members of the Church.

RESPONSIBILITIES which the next Bishop should focus on:

  • Communicating well on behalf of the Church to the wider community;
  • Re-establishing the credibility of the Church;
  • Leading us to focus on spirituality and prayer as well as theological knowledge;
  • Continuing to lead the implementation of the vision of Becoming Ministering Communities in Mission, discerning lay leaders and OLMs for ministry teams, and offering accessible lay training programmes;
  • Prioritising resources and examples to help us to evangelise.

ATTRIBUTES (qualities/skills) the next Bishop should have:

  • A proven track record of being open to change and being able to develop vision and lead people towards it;
  • A proven track record of being able to hold together skills as a wise thinker, spiritual leader and compassionate pastor;
  • A proven track record of having outstanding communication and social skills combined with a sense of humour;
  • A proven track record of humility;
  • A proven track record of being a team leader with the skills to delegate and motivate colleagues.