Maitland Mercury: “He Starts the Day with a Prayer for All”

Mercury Photo 5-13

On 8th May the Maitland Mercury featured an interview with Fr David, our Parish Priest.  You can read the full interview here.

“Every morning Father David Battrick prays for us.  And by us, he means everybody,” wrote reporter Emma Swain.  “Father Battrick subscribes to the view that he is here for all.  Regardless of creed, status or faith.  ‘We (Anglicans) have a particular view of what it means to be a parish priest,’ Father Battrick said.  ‘I am not here as a congregational chaplain, my job is not to just look after the people who come here (to church) but to be a priest who is available to everyone in this parish.  Anyone who wants to talk to me about issues in their life, to discuss the big questions.'”

In the interview Fr David describes his journey to priesthood, and to East Maitland and his understanding of the life and mission of a Parish Church.

The article concludes, “Father Battrick usually starts his day at 7 am praying for the church and the people of the community.  At the end of the day he returns to pray for the people he has met.  ‘I have the unique opportunity of being able to share in people’s lives, and I’m privileged really,’ Father Battrick said.”