Parish Gift Day – Nearly $44,000 Given to the Glory of God!

Gift Day Update, 8th December 2013:

Further gifts have brought our Gift Day total to: $44,434.05.

News, 1st December 2013:

It was announced at Masses this weekend that one hundred and eleven gifts were received from parishioners totalling $43,784.05.

The Parish Council was faced with a deficit of over $56,000 due to a number of unbudgeted but necessary expenses.  At that time these totalled $44,238.44, and when we requested support we also believed that we would receive a further bill for $12,000 which has not eventuated at this time.  The gifts received through the Gift Day will fund, almost exactly, those unbudgeted expenses!

Father David commented, “we are amazed and delighted by this generous response.  We thank all parishioners for their gifts towards the work of the Church.  These gifts were given to the glory of God, to whom we also give thanks for his faithfulness.”