A Warm Welcome to the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols

St Peter's Choir Easter 2013
The service of Nine Lessons and Carols originated in Truro Cathedral in Great Britain in the early 20th century, and has been made famous because of its use in Kings College Chapel, Cambridge, where it has been presented annually since 1918. 

St Peter’s has presented this service each year since the early 1970’s. The nine Bible readings describe the drama of man’s fall from grace and his resulting separation from God, the growing expectation that God will send a deliverer to his people, and finally God’s gift of his Son Jesus, the Messiah, who will restore this lost relationship.

We hear the story of the angels who announced the birth, the shepherds who hurried to the manger to worship the new-born child, and the wise men carrying precious gifts, who were led to the new king by a guiding star. The readings reach a climax when we stand to hear the ninth lesson from the gospel of St John, which tells us that the Word which was God, ‘became flesh and dwelt among us’.

The carols which celebrate this story, will be sung by the choir and by the congregation.  Some are old, some new; many are well –known, some are unfamiliar; several have been drawn from other countries –  England, Germany, America, and  Czechoslovakia.

Once again St Peter’s Choir and Friends will lead this service. The group which comprises our own parish choir, friends from other churches and parishes, and younger members from the new Junior Choir, has been practising since early November.  George Williams will be the organist, Evanne Sherringham has trained the Juniors and Kath Waddell will conduct the combined choir.

Please join us on Sunday 15th December at 6 pm .

Kath Waddell
Director of Music