Christmas at East Maitland Samaritans

Most of us take for granted we will celebrate Christmas with special treats, food and gifts but this is not always so for many families. Sadly, they often struggle from week to week to make ends meet and to find extra funds for Christmas is almost impossible.

Our aim at Samaritans is to provide each client with a Hamper, a basic food parcel and gifts for each family member. Each year we hand out approximately 130 hampers, 130 basic food parcels and 300 gifts. We also supply Hampers to GAPS clients.  To achieve this aim, we need a lot of help and are very grateful to all who donate:

• Our faithful St Peter’s family

• Other Anglican parishes

• Various clubs and fraternal organisations

• Several public schools

• Hunter Valley Grammar School

• Several business houses

• Many individual donations

• Lastly and importantly, our dedicated volunteers
Thanks to the amazing generosity of many we will be able to achieve this goal.

Reflecting the true spirit of Christmas provides a marvellous gift to the many families in need who present at our Centre.

A happy and Holy Christmas to all!

Judith Cordwell
Acting Co-ordinator of Emergency Relief