Ministry at Greenhills Lodge & Nursing Home

“Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them”

Services are held for parishioners living at Greenhills Lodge and Nursing Home on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.  Staff at both residences are very co-operative and seem to welcome and encourage our visits.

Every second month and on special occasions, Fr David presides at the Eucharist, and Deacon Wendy also attends two or three times each year. John Page and Richard Fellows administer Communion by extension at the remaining services. Judy Cordwell, as the Pastoral Partner with responsibility for both establishments also participates.

Services are held in the hair dressing salon where a table is prepared with two candles, a crucifix and a container with the reserved sacrament from the previous Sunday’s service at St Peters.

Orders of Service are distributed together with copies of Sunday’s Gospel reading and a short sermon delivered on the reading and when Fr David is present, any of the residents who wish to receive a special blessing are anointed at the conclusion of the Eucharist.

Richard always ensures residents received copies of the ‘Cross & Keys’, the ‘Anglican Encounter’ and any other relevant literature. There is general chit-chat on happenings in and around the Church and Diocese, examples being the appointment of Bishop Greg and the recent Confirmations. Sometimes the chit-chat is a little more personal like Fr David’s recent story on the arrival of a new kitten at the Rectory aptly name ‘Peter’.

Special occasions are celebrated are suitably acknowledged. Christmas sees the addition of carol singing and last Christmas, Fr David’s sons Isaac and Joshua handed out small Christmas gifts. Palm crosses are distributed for Palm Sunday and chocolate eggs at the Easter Service, as well as Simminel cake on Mothering Sunday.

Although residents can no longer attend regular Sunday services at St Peter’s, the aim is to ensure these faithful people retain their connection to God and the Church and to remind them that they are still a very important part of our parish family.