William Street Site Update

Rectory Kitchen

Work has now commenced on the replacement of the kitchen in the Rectory (the home of our priest) in the coming weeks.  The exterior wall has been repaired, and the first stage of replacing the antique damaged water pipes has been completed.

Over the coming weeks the interior of the kitchen will be gutted and completely replaced to create a modern kitchen for the use of successive priests and their families for many years to come.


Parish Hall Renovations

The meeting room in the Parish Hall has now been repaired and is no longer leaking!  This room will be re-decorated in due course in order to be made available for meetings and other Parish activities.  A disabled access ramp and hand rail is due to be constructed outside the side door of the hall in the next few weeks.

We are enormously grateful to Ken Gormley who has installed exterior lights along the side of the hall to provide better visibility in the evenings.


Assistant Curate’s Accommodation

The Diocesan Council has given permission for the Curate’s residence at Chelmsford Drive to be sold.  The proceeds of the sale will be added to the Saint Peter’s Endowment Trust.  The cottage on the Banks Street end of the St Peter’s site will be refurbished in the coming weeks and will become the home of Will Johnston.  He will be temporarily resident in the flat above the hall until this work has been completed.

We recognise that this is not a long term solution and should there be an Assistant Curate in the future with a family a different residence will be required.  The Resourcing Team is exploring the possibility of building a new home in the future on the site of the current cottage.


Back of Church Hospitality Area

The idea of a refurbishment of the furniture along the inside back wall of the church to create a more user-friendly hospitality area with hot water supply has been discussed for some years.

Following a period of consultation across the congregations a request for the Bishop to issue a Faculty for the work to be carried out is in the final stages of preparation.  Two letters of objection were received during the consultation period and these will be forwarded with the application to the Bishop.

We are grateful to the Fundraising Group who have raised over half of the funds needed to complete this project.  The rest of the cost will be met from the Parish Budget as indicated at the Annual General Meeting.