Ordination of Will Johnston to the Diaconate: Saturday 29th November

Will 2Will will be ordained in the Cathedral at 10 am on Saturday 29th November. On Sunday 25th November the congregations gave him a set of stoles, which were blessed by Bishop Lindsay Urwin OGS.

Will writes,  “it seems like it was only yesterday when I was called into Bishop Farran’s office and given a coffee and first offered the real possibility of being ordained in the Anglican Church. Since then my life has undergone massive changes, my theology has changed, I feel like I’ve learned a few things I didn’t know, I’ve made amazing friends and I’ve lost a lot of people who have disagreed with the way my life has gone, most noticeably I have grown a beard.

Now at the close of my journey as an ordinand for the diocese I have a mixed feeling of joy for growing more and more into who the Church has discerned God wants me to be, but also anxiety for the future. There is no part of me that is sad to be leaving the ordination programme, and there is no part of me that has any reluctance at coming to the single greatest parish in the universe (East Maitland for those playing at home).

I feel like the journey to ordination is similar to the journey of discipleship for every Christian person. There is a person who God wants us to be, through prayer and discernment and listening to the Holy Spirit we are able to find out exactly who that is. God calls us to be transformed into his image so that we can shine as his light in the world and call all people into his wonderful life and freedom.

This journey isn’t always easy though, like standing up after you’ve been sitting down for a long time, it can be painful to move from the comfort of our own self-made bondage into the freedom of the cross. Ultimately we know and have been promised that the road to the cross leads to the garden of the resurrection, and that is far more fulfilling than any other life we could experience.

So I would ask you please to offer prayers for me that I will be given the grace to become fully and truly who God has called me to be, not for my sake but for his glory. I will be praying the same for all of you and I look forward to journeying with you as an ordained man.”

Those who have booked to travel on the coach are reminded that the coach will leave at 8.30 am from William Street, cost $10.