Church Leadership at St Peter’s – how does it work?

Our Church is led by Bishop Greg Thompson, the Bishop of Newcastle.  He shares this leadership with our Parish Priest, Fr David.  Fr David shares his ministry with our Ministry Staff Team (Deacon Will, Fr Peter, Elizabeth, Luisa, Deacon Wendy and Scott).

Deacon Will co-ordinates our pastoral ministries and shares this ministry with our four Parish Pastoral Workers (Yvonne, Judy, Richard and John).

Each year the members of our congregations gather for an Annual General Meeting.  At this meeting they elect the leaders of the Resourcing Team which has oversight of our finances, buildings and administration.  Fr David also appoints some members to this group.

The Resourcing Team has three working groups that oversee particular aspects of its work: the Finance Working Group (Audit and Risk Committee), the Maintenance Working Group (including Work, Health and Safety), and the Grounds Working Group.  The Ministry Team and the Resourcing Team meet together a number of times each year as the Parish Council.

Other members of the congregation, who have been chosen because of their gifts and skills, also lead areas of ministry and mission in the Church.

There is space in our Church for anyone who wishes to be involved to serve in an area of ministry, please speak to Fr David if you are looking for a new opportunity to serve.