Site Developments Update

Meeting RoomWe have had a busy six months around the site!

  • Further renovation work has taken place in the Rectory as part of our ongoing plan to bring the house up to Diocesan standards,
  • the new hospitality area has been installed at the back of church,
  • The meeting room adjacent to the hall has been completely renovated, with new tiles, blinds and paintwork to the walls. This room is now ready for use,
  • the cracked footpaths around the columbarium have been replaced with new ones, to ensure the continued safe use of this very sacred space within our grounds and repairs to the plinth have been undertaken,
  •  new flower beds have been created in the gardens and the trees have been pruned,
  • we have been working to tidy up the storage areas in the Parish Office and Parish Hall,
  • a new data projector has been installed in the Parish Hall for the use of the hall users.

It is always a challenge to maintain and continue to develop our site, and we are grateful to the Church Wardens who oversee this important work.

Saint Peter’s Endowment Trust

We are pleased to report that contracts have been exchanged for the sale of the Parish residence in Chelmsford Drive.  Funds from the sale will be placed in the Endowment Trust.  By the end of July funds held permanently in the Trust will exceed $800,000.  These funds will be held in perpetuity with only the interest being made available to the Parish to support our various ministries.