Luisa Battrick’s Baby Shower – Thank you

Luisa Battrick’s Baby Shower – Thank You

Luisa writes, “Father David and I are enormously grateful to all those who joined in the baby shower last week.  It was a great afternoon and an opportunity for many of the ladies of the parish to enjoy being together.  We are especially grateful to Gail for organising the special event.  It meant a great deal to us both that so many people were able to help celebrate the joy and happiness of this very special time.

We would like to thank everyone for your generous gifts that we have received both over the last few months and at the baby shower itself.  Unfortunately some of the gifts have become unintentionally anonymous because of their separation from cards. We are overwhelmed by your kindness and hope that you will accept this ‘thank you’ as an expression of our appreciation.

Our little girl will be very blessed to come into the world surrounded by so much love and generosity from within our Parish family.”