Parish News: Sunday 6th March 2016

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting will be held next Sunday at 11 am in the Parish Hall. Two separate sets of papers are available today: the meeting papers and the audited accounts. Please take your copies, and nominate leaders for election. If you are not able to be with us at the meeting please write your name on the apologies sheet today.

The Season of Lent

Funeral customaries are available at the back of church for those who would like to make use of one during this Lenten season. Please take this liturgy booklet home with you, there are Lenten intercessions printed in this booklet for use in your daily devotions.

Pastoral Care Meeting: Tuesday 8th March at 3 pm

Pastoral Care workers and Pastoral Partners will meet this Tuesday at 3 pm in the Parish Hall meeting room.

Discussing the Sermon – Baptised into Christ: Thursday 10th March at 6 pm

Please join us this Thursday at 6 pm to discuss the question, “will you seek and serve Christ in all people, loving your neighbour as yourself?” The session will follow on from this weekend’s sermon and will be led by Deacon Will. Please join us in church at 5.30 pm for Evening Prayer before our discussion if you are able.

Stations of the Cross: Friday 11th March at 6 pm

Please join us this Friday at 6 pm for Stations of the Cross in the Church, led by Jesse Poole.