Receiving Holy Communion at the Altar Rails

A Message from Father David conveyed to the Congregations on 31st December and 1st January

I sought responses from members of the congregation in relation to the experiment of standing to receive Holy Communion during the four weekends of Advent. 78 people completed green forms or wrote to me.  The feed back from those who chose to respond is as follows:

7.30 am Holy Eucharist
Yes (keep standing): 67%.  No (return to altar rails): 33%

9.30 am Sung Mass
Yes (keep standing): 76%.  No (return to altar rails): 24%

I have presumed that those who did not respond reflect the mix of views of those who did.  I am grateful for the thoughtful written responses that I have received.

I have tried to read and listen carefully to all of the responses.  Given that there is not overwhelming support for the proposed change, and that those who are opposed to the change feel much more strongly against the proposed change than those who are in favour we will return to receiving Holy Communion at the altar rails.


David John Battrick BSG
Parish Priest