News from the Annual General Meeting

The following Parish Officers were elected at the Annual General Meeting:

Church Wardens:
Anne Page
Kevin Short

Priest’s Warden (appointed):
Kay Sharp AM – appointed Chair of Wardens’ & Treasurer’s Meeting
Parish Councillors (elected):
Geoffrey Seccombe – appointed as Chair of Resourcing Team
Peter Kirsop
Stephen Booker
Parish Councillors (appointed):
Suzanne Jones
Sarah Forward
Synod Representatives (elected):
Geoffrey Seccombe
Kevin Short
Yvonne Hinde
Incumbency Appointment Board Members (elected):
Kay Sharp AM
Geoffrey Seccombe
Evanne Sherringham
Peter Kirsop – Alternate
Charlotte Brock – Alternate
Parish Mission Giving Secretary (elected):
Yvonne Hinde
Parish Council Treasurer (appointed):
Yvonne Hinde
Parish Council Secretary (appointed):
Maryka Gibson
Please pray for our Parish Leaders.