Parish Notices



We particularly welcome Mr Peter Moulds, Principal of Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, our guest preacher this morning.


Please join us for lunch today in the Parish Hall at 12 noon.

Children are welcome to participate in our ‘Church Time’ activity programme at the 9.30 am Sung Mass.  Children are taken to ‘Church Time’ before the Bible readings and returned in time for the Peace.

At other services activity bags are available from the back of church.  Please ask one of the welcomers to assist you in finding one.


Val Bichard – Rest in Peace

At 11 am this morning we will hallow the niche of Val Bichard in the presence of her family.  We pray for her soul and for all who mourn.


Man Talk – Tuesday, 3rd July,  7.30 pm Meeting Room

Following in Christ’s footsteps is our Christian mission. Promising to stay faithful is our lifelong challenge. Yet at times we all trip or fall from the path. This is Man Talk’s theme for this week. If you need help staying true to our mission, join us and offer your insights. We offer open ears and affirming hearts in Man Talk. Come and join us – you’re always welcome.



Safe Ministry Training, Saturday 4thAugust 2018

The next Safe Ministry Training day at Saint Peter’s is on Saturday 4th August from 9 am to 4 pm.  This training is required to be completed every three years by all those who are involved with Church activities – this includes Parish Council members and volunteers involved with Emergency Relief and the Op Shop.   This is a full day course for those who have not previously undertaken the Safe Ministry Training.    There is a cost of $30 per person, to be paid on the day.  A sign up sheet and registration forms are available at the rear of the Church.


Mission Pigs

It is the time of year to swap over our mission pigs for an empty one. Please bring in your mission pig in the coming weeks.  Empty pigs are available at the back of the church.


Entertainment Books 2018-19

Lily Amos has 2018-2019 Entertainment Books for sale at a cost of $65 per book – full of vouchers and special offers for restaurants, cafes, and locations across the Hunter Valley.    Please contact Lily on 0418 662492 to order your copy.