Parish Notices: Sunday 22nd July 2018

Welcome to Church

Information about Church activities is available in this month’s ‘Cross and Keys’ newsletter. Please collect a copy at the back of church.

Children are welcome to participate in our ‘Church Time’ activity programme at the 9.30 am Sung Mass. Children are taken to ‘Church Time’ before the Bible readings and returned in time for the Peace. At other services activity bags are available from the back of church. Please ask one of the welcomers to assist you in finding one.

At the conclusion of the Mass you are invited to sit and listen to the organ postlude, or to leave quietly so as not to disturb those who are listening. Please join us for morning tea and fellowship following the Mass.


Men’s Fellowship, Wednesday 25th July at 6 pm

The Men’s Fellowship Dinner is taking place this Wednesday, 25th July, 6 pm in the Parish Hall. There is a sign on sheet at the rear of the Church.


Safe Ministry Training, Saturday 4th August

Registration forms and a sign on sheet are at the rear of the church for those people wishing to attend Safe Ministry Training on Saturday 4th August. For further details please contact Maryka in the Parish Office.


Sunday Afternoon Entertainment, Sunday 5th August at 4 pm

If you are planning to join us, please put your name on the sign on sheet at the rear of the church – it helps with numbers for catering.


Trivia Night, Friday 10th August, 6.30 pm for 7 pm

Please gather your friends and family to form teams of 8 for the Trivia Night – details below and a sign on sheet at the rear of the church.



Victoria & Abdul.jpg



2018-08-10 Trivia Night.jpg