Choosing a Date

Baptisms normally take place in our Saturday evening Vigil Eucharist at 6 pm, and on Sunday mornings in the Sung Mass at 9.30 am.

Baptisms also take place in shorter services at 11.30 am and 12.30 pm, and at other times on Sunday and during the week where possible.  There are often two babies or children baptised at each of these services, but never more than two (unless a family requests it).

Parents and god parents or sponsors need to attend one of our Petrus Community Gatherings (on the Church site) which lasts for about an hour and half.  The dates for the these gatherings in 2018 are on the online booking form.

Except during the Season of Lent when there are normally no baptisms in Church, we baptise on every weekend throughout the year, and are always pleased to welcome many families who bring their children for Baptism.

In 2018 the Season of Lent includes the following Sundays when there will be no Baptisms in Church: Sunday 18th February to (and including) Sunday 25th March.

Sometimes there are exceptional reasons for Baptisms during this period.  If this is the case please contact us.


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