Emergency Relief

We offer Emergency Relief from the Parish Hall  on Tuesday and Thursday mornings each week in partnership with the Samaritans Foundation.

You are welcome to join us for morning refreshments throughout this time.  One of our volunteers will meet with you to discuss how we might be able to help you.  Each client is interviewed privately to determine the level of assistance required, based on their needs.

We often have fresh bread to offer along with staple food parcels, and can sometimes offer blankets as well.  Additionally we may be able to provide utility vouchers to assist people with paying gas, electricity, telephone or water bills for those who meet the criteria.

We also provide a referral service to other welfare agencies, including financial, bereavements and gambling counselling services. Advice is also given on where to find and purchase lower priced food, how to save energy and water usage, as well as finding assistance for the homeless and recently unemployed.