St Peter's Church Building

After you have remembered your family and friends would you be willing to leave a gift in your Will to support God’s work at Saint Peter’s?

Once you have made provision for your loved ones, you have the opportunity to make a lasting gift to God by leaving a bequest to support the work of Saint Peter’s Church.

A bequest is a gift of money, property or real estate, owned by a person at the time of their death, which is directed by the provisions of their will to the Parish of East Maitland.All bequests to the Parish are charitable bequests because they are gifts intended for the benefit of the community, or a segment of the community, through religion.

A gift in your Will is one of the most valuable and lasting ways that you can continue to support the mission and ministry of the Anglican Parish of East Maitland.

No matter how large or small, every gift is an expression of your gratitude and thanksgiving to God, and can make a significant impact on our mission and ministry.

All money, property or real estate held for church purposes is vested in the Trustees of Church Property. The Trustees are guided by trust law, church law, the terms of the bequest and Diocesan ordinances in ensuring the trusts are complied with.

Bequests received from parishioners will be added to the Saint Peter’s Endowment Trust.  The money that you give will be continually held in the Trust, producing interest from the Trust to support the Parish.

We would be very grateful if you would consider making provision in your Will to the glory of God and for the ministry of this Parish.  Please use the following wording:

I bequeath to the Trustees of Church Property for the Diocese of Newcastle in the state of New South Wales the sum of  XX dollars to be applied for the benefit of the Anglican Parish of East Maitland to the Saint Peter’s Endowment Trust in such manner as the said Trustees may approve. 

Please contact Peter Kirsop on (02) 4933 6407 or if you would like to discuss this confidentially.  Peter is available to help you.