Parish Ministry Assistant


Kim was born in Newcastle and baptised at Boolaroo Uniting Church, before moving to Greta with her parents, where she and her mother regularly attended Greta Uniting Church. Worship offered there was in the traditional Methodist style.

Kim remembers many of the hymns that we sing at Saint Peter’s from these early days of worship.  Kim studied English teaching at the University of Newcastle where she graduated in 2012 with first class honours and the Faculty of Education and Arts Medal and then gained employment as a teacher.

It was after a visit to Saint Peter’s during a Good Friday service and meeting Father David that Kim decided to come to Saint Peter’s more often.   After meeting Elizabeth, Kim joined the Esther Community. Kim credits her friendship with Elizabeth as an important part of helping her understand Christianity at a deeper level.

Kim completed her Master of Theology degree in 2015 through the University of Newcastle and the Diocese of Broken Bay reflecting that “My motive for studying theology was to get to know God in a deeper way. I couldn’t really explain it to people at the time, it was more of an inner stirring that made me want to re-discover God.”

Kim joined the Ministry Staff Team in 2017 and is exploring a calling to ordained life.  She has oversight of our ministries amongst 18-35s and our welcoming of newcomers, as well as assisting in a number of the other ministries of the Parish.

Kim has also been licensed by the Bishop to preach at Saint Peter’s.  Kim will be ministering in the Parish whilst continuing to teach in a school in the Port Stephens area.

Kim says that the best part of ministry is helping people to come to know Jesus through liturgy and worship. “I really love when people ask me a question because I can either help with the answer or find a book or other resource that will help me understand the answer, so then I get to learn something too! My favourite thing to read is Christian Apologetics (reasons for and defences of the faith) and this really gives me the confidence to talk to other people about Christianity.”
Mobile: 0403 910 565

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