Mission Partnerships in 2015
Each year the congregations give generously to support mission partnerships beyond our Parish. The largest single allocation of these funds is to support the ministry of the Diocese of Newcastle.

In addition, our target to support mission agencies and partnerships for 2015 is $8,000 to support mission internationally, nationally, regionally and locally.  Our funds will support:

  • Internationally: Anglican Board of Mission;
  • Nationally: Anglican Outback Fund (Home Mission Fund).  In addition some members of the congregations individually support the work of the Bush Church Aid Society;
  • Regionally: Ministry to Seafarers at the Port of Newcastle in partnership with the Mission to Seafarers.

Gifts given in addition to the $8,000 and to the funds donated to the Diocese will be used to support local mission projects within our parish, for example  Scripture in Schools,   the Maitland District Christian Education Association and projects initiated by our Parish Ministry Team.  We hope to raise an additional $6,500 to support these ministries.

Mission Lunches
Each year we hold two mission lunches, one focused on mission within Australia and one focused on mission beyond Australia.

Peter the PigPeter the Mission Giving Pig

There have been various programmes to collect change for our mission partners over the years.  If you are not in another programme and would like to collect coins for our partners please collect a mission pig from the back of the church, and sign your name on the list.

We will be inviting you to bring your pigs back to church on the weekend of the next mission lunch in October so that they can be emptied and returned to you.

Mission Giving Secretary
Our mission giving is co-ordinated by our Mission Giving Secretary, Lyn Bellamy.