Mary SumnerMU Australia is part of the World-wide Mothers’ Union; an International Organisation with over 4 million members in 75 countries, where members carry out work in support of family life.  Awareness of the daily experiences of many members world-wide makes MU committed to social justice and the empowerment of women. Members have a common desire to improve their own family life, and that of others through faith in Christ, prayer, and practical action.

MU has always been concerned with all that strengthens and preserves Christian and family life.

The Mothers’ Union commenced in the Parish of Old Alresford, Winchester Diocese, England in 1876, when Mary Sumner (pictured) felt a strong desire to help women in the raising of their children and the use of prayer and bible reading in their home.  The Mothers’ Union in Australia began in Cullenswood, Tasmania in 1892; and in The Diocese of Newcastle in 1907 by Mrs Stretch. In April/May 1956 – Mrs Eva Williams (wife of the then Rector) encouraged folk to form a MU Branch at St. Peter’s East Maitland – with Mrs Lil Bailey as the Enrolling Member (now called, President).

Within the Diocese there are 41 MU branches, plus 5 Caritas groups – each year on March 25; which is The Feast of The Annunciation – gives MU members the opportunity to celebrate this Feast together; with thanksgiving and prayers for the work of The Mothers’ Union.  This is a wonderful service in Christ Church Cathedral; with each branch processing with its Parish Banner.

Membership of MU is open to anyone (male or female); who has been baptised in the name of The Holy Trinity, and declares their support of the aim and objects of the Society.

Belonging to a branch of MU means that you will share in prayer and worship with your fellow members; you will join with members throughout the diocese and beyond in special activities; you will hear speakers and join in discussions on a variety of subjects and will have access to booklets and leaflets on many subjects.

Each year we have a theme to discuss, and in 2014 our theme is “Sharing Our God Given Gifts”. (1 Peter 4:10) “Serve one another with whatever gifts you have received”.

St. Peter’s Branch of The MU meets in the Ministry Centre on the third Monday of each month at 10 am.