Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Workers


Judy Cordwell
Parish Pastoral Worker, Co-ordinator of Pastoral Partners & Co-ordinator of St Peter’s Emergency Relief
Telephone: (02) 4933 3273

Richard Fellows
Parish Pastoral Worker & Co-ordinator of Hospital & Home Visiting
Telephone: (02) 4932 0445

Pastoral Ministries

First Friday Healing Eucharist

Our First Friday Healing Eucharist is a short service which is held on the First Friday of every month at 10.30 am in St Peter’s Church.

The service provides an opportunity for people who are not able to be with us on Sunday mornings to gather for worship followed by morning tea as a distinct congregation.

The First Friday congregation is made up of people who are not easily able to stand up and sit down (we remain seated for the whole service, and communion is brought to the congregation in the pews), and who need a shorter service than we offer on Sundays.  Healing prayer is offered at every Eucharist.

Gathering together also provides a great opportunity for people to enjoy each other’s company over refreshments afterwards.

We are able to offer transport for those who need it, and there is easy access without any steps from vehicles to the Church through the West door.  If you have any questions about the service, or if you would like transport, please contact John and Kathy Pearson our co-ordinators on (02) 4933 2908.

Please consider who you could invite to participate in this service (a friend, relative or neighbour?) and bring them along.  The congregation does not meet together in January.

Pastoral Outreach to Greenhills Lodge & Home

Services are held on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month for residents.  Please contact Deacon Wendy Brack for further information.

Home Communion and Visiting

Holy Communion is distributed to people in their homes when they are prevented by illness or infirmity from participating in a Sunday or weekday Eucharist.  If you know of someone in hospital or at home who would like to receive Communion or a pastoral visit please contact Father Peter Rothnie.

Pastoral Partners

Pastoral Partners are available to provide friendly support for members of the congregations.  We also keep a small amount of emergency frozen home cooked food available for any one who is in short term urgent need.  Please contact Judy Cordwell who will arrange delivery.